Ice & Athletic Practise


Our coaches are specialized in individual teaching, which consists of ice-skating, puckhandling, passing and shooting. In order to achieve a high standard, we only work together with the best coaches. Our coaches are graduated coaches of “ Laura-Stamm-Powerskating-School “ and “Sean Skinner- Stickhandling School“, who work together with various NHL-Players and teams throughout the year. Therefore we focus on the technique of skating and puckhandling.

Owning to the strong demand, we have kept the goalie practise as an important part of our schedule. A special goalie practice with our specialized coaches will be offered on a daily basis. We use the latest training methods like Airbody, Puck Machine, Stick Boxes and many more.

Puckhandling Speed Basic-Position
Stickhandling Stretching Technics
Shooting Teambuilding Pads and Body
Scoring Power Covering she angle
Powerskating Endurance Video
Cross-Ice-Games Games