Customer Agreement 2024

By signing up to the participate in the Helmut de Raaf Federation training camp, I agree to the following conditions:

After signing up you will receive a registration confirmation. There is ja registration deposit of € 100,- due 2 weeks after initial sign-up. The final-payment is payable up to the 14.06.2024. If you would like to cancel your sign-up before 14.06.2024, you will be imposed a cancellation fee of € 50,-.

If you would like to cancel your sign-up after 16.06.2023, but more than two weeks before your camp begins, you are required to pay a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the total camp fee. If you cancel your sign-up less than two weeks before your camp begins, you are required to pay the entire camp fee and there will be no refund. In this respect, it may be advisable to obtain travel insurance. The participation fee may include, depending on the specific camp type, the camp fee and service fees for lodging and meals.

We reserve the right to example a participant from the camp for disciplinary reasons, after consulting with his/her parents. In such a case, there will be no refund of any camp or service fees paid.

If the camp, or any part of it, is cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, i.e. by higher powers, including technical defects, only the service and camp fees my be refunded. Helmut de Raaf Hockey Camp my not be held liable for any further compensation or any other costs incurred.

The Hockey Camp de Raaf reserves the cancel before classes if an insufficient number of registrations is present. We assume no liability for the loss of value and equipment. You approve the use of film and photos by the Hockey Camp de Raaf.

By checking the box, I agree to the terms of conditions of this customer Agreement.