You will be staying and catered for in the residential estate for young people called “Jugendsiedlung Hochland” in Koenigsdorf. A free of charge shuttle bus from the ice arena to the accommodation and back, has been arranged espacially for the participants. The rooms have between 3 and 6 beds. Special requests will be considered as long as they are marked on the registration form under OTHERS. The estate is located in woodland and offers various sports and leisure activities. Our daily activities such as campfires, discovery of nature trails, beer crate climbing, etc. will take place in the residential estate.

For further information please refer to the following website:

Our trainers are also housed there and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the house. The “Tölzer Hof” is located in the spa district, from where you can reach the ice stadium in about 7 minutes by car . If you need additional information about apartments, hostels and other accommodations, please contact: